Friday, November 4, 2011

5 days at school :D

Today is the 5th day i have been at the school kinkaid, i can't believe it has already been 5 days plus a sunday. this week is going by super fast. i am enjoying it a lot, and i dont want to leave soon. this is such a great experience and i am sad that we have to leave in 2 weeks. there are so many more things that we need to do before it is time to head back home. this is a great city with many great people which makes it even better. i will let y'all know how the day went after school. i have been catching a cold latley from teh climate change or something, so that is a little challenging with basketball but i am trying to get better. i dont know if i will go to basketball tonight. but i know that jordan is going to a dance and my host mom Mrs. Kassab and I are going to the Gallaria. i am super excited for that. i will talk to y'all later.

-Love Katie :D

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