Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alomst another week :(

Hi, oh my gosh, i cant believe that another week has almost passed :( i dont want it to end yet. so much more to do and see. today we are goint to the  renaissance is like a town that you would see back in the 1600's or soemthing. it should be a lot of fun. it is a 2 hour drive up there and we are going to stay there for awhile so we will be home around 8 or later. but i am sure that we will have a great time. i love it here. and i love my family.jordan is playing soccer right now. she has to play 7 games. she made the A team wich is the best out of A, B, and C. and she is pretty good. i watched her play for a little while. that was fun. then in awhile we will head down to the festival. i will tlk to y'all later.

-Love Katie

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