Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Week! Its Monday.

Hey y'all, today is monday and it is another week here at Kinkaid. Last week was great and I am sure that there is going to be another great week here. Lots of friends and ready to have a good time. Since it was Day Light Savings Time, getting up in the morning is a lot easier. haha, but I'm hoping that this week will go smoothly and awesome. Tomorrow James Patterson the author is coming to this school to talk to us. I don't know much about him, but I guess I will find out tomorrow, or I could research him. But anyway, today will be a lot of working on essays for Cambi, because we have a free period 3rd and 4th is english but we get a free period in her calss, then 5th is free and 6th is lunch. So i will get a lot of work done. Well I will talk to y'all later.

-Love Katie


  1. Hi Katie,
    It looks like life is good in Houston at The Kinkaid School. Going to a Taylor Swift concert is a wonderful surprise! What a fantastic experience!
    I've been to the Galleria in Houston and it is quite an amazing group of stores...and even an ice skating rink, right?
    Jordan performs with the Houston dance group? You are going to know Houston very well.
    Have you had a good Texas steak?
    How are your classes going at Kinkaid? Are you taking something completely different from MV?

    I'll check back in a few days. I'm so glad that you are having such a fun time.
    Enjoy everything!

  2. Hi, yes the Taylor Swift concert was a wonderful surprise. and yes i have been to the Galleria 2 times already, i want to go more because we have not even covered the whole thing. and yes there is an ice rink but i havn't been on it yet. i want to though. Yea Jordan performs for the Houston Rockets, it is the best dance group i think in Texas. I think that is what they said. I have had the Dad's barbaque and steak which was very good, but we have not gone out yet for steak. We have gone out to a Pizza place and an Italian place called Grottos. My classes are going well, the English teacher Mrs. Jamil is a little tough, but it is a great to see how other teachers teach from the teachers at MV. But overall the calsses are great. I am taking drawing and Intro to art which i am not taking at MV. i really dont have an artistic ability but its kind of fun but hard. I'm not as bad as i thought i was which i think is a good thing. But i am enjoying my stay here and i love this school, and i am having an awesome time.