Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sooo, i havent been able to talk to yall latley :( but anyway on Tuesday we watched Jordan play her first real soccer game and she did really well in it. They won 2-1..played really well. that didnt last long, and Joshua started Freesbee, so im happy for him because they cancled it and they let them play it, so that made him happy. After Jordan's soccer game we went out to eat, at a mexican restraunt, sooo good. we had a delicious dinner, i dont know how to spell it but it starts with a F (fah-hee-tas) or something haha. but they were really good. we went home and did homework and we went to bed because it was pretty late. Yesterday (Wednesday) was a verrrryy busy day. we were on the run. Kendall came home with us and then Jordan had a chior performance and it was azaming. It was so fun to watch her sing, there was a lot of good singers, solos and everything. Im going to miss Jordan a lot, we have grown really close together and it is going to be hard to seperate. But we are going to visit each other in the Summer i believe so that is good. Anyway that was a lot of fun to watch her sing, she has a busy week this week, and i am glad i get to share this experience with her and i would have not asked for a better family to be with on this trip. i mean that.

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