Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Kidding...

hey i was kidding. this is my lasty post. there is just so much to say because i had such a great time. anyway i just want to thank everyone that helped put this together, yall did an amazing job and you let me have one of the best times of my life here in Houston. if it wern't for you i would have not had the oppertunity that i had to do this. i just want to thank yall from the bottom of my heart (and yall know who you are). well i have 10 minutes before this dies so i better wrap it up. i just want to say thanks again. and i learned tons of things at Kinkaid also at my "home". It will be very hard leaving here. i will probably cry :,(    but tonight the Kassab family gave me a really pretty necklace that i will wear alomost everyday i bet, and gave me a really nice card, and i am really sensitive to those things so of course i balled "tears of joy" it was just really nice of them. i love them as a family and always will. they were there for me like a real family, treated me like a family member, it was perfect and couldn't ask for a better time. well i will talk to yall later. it is going to make me wanna cry again if i keep talking about it so i will talk to yall later about it. PEACE<3 (this is the final post)

-Love Katie Martin!

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