Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Day :(

NOoooooooooo, its the last day :( i dont want this to end. i have had the best time here, and i dont want to go back to the cold weather in ohio. i love this school and i have made awesome friends that i will keep forever and i dont want to leave them.

On this trip i think that i have changed a lot. this is because i think i have grown up, and i seen how people live here. and i have learned things from my host family to take back to my home. like take care of the house more, help my mom out more. the school has also helped changed me a lot to because it showed me how dedicated the students are here. and how thard they work and that just makes me want to work 100 more times more than i am now. Some awkward times was when people would stare at us and whisper "who are they?, why are they here?" things like that, but we started to get to know them better and they got to know us better, it isnt awkward anymore, thank god. i didnt expect people to come up and surrond us asking all of these questions. the sencond day everyone is just like who are you. where u from? what are your names? and we had to answer the same question like 50 times. not kidding. Kinkaid is different from MV because it is a lot bigger of course. the classes are different. yuo dont have to take a gym class. u can take a sport or do yoga after school or something. i like that a lot better than doing gym 3 days a week. i like the arts here a lott!!!!! i learned how to draw really well for the first time from a actual teacher that helps you. i like the athletics here too, but it was really challenging. but its good to have a challenge. My host family was great to me, i didnt really know what to expect from them, but it was amazing living with them. i could have never asked for a better host family, i really want to keep in touch with them i will for sure. i want to visit them too someday in the future. they are always going to be apart of my life. i love them, and i am gald that they will always be in my heart. i had fun with each of them, exspecially Jordanm she is considered my sister forever. i love her like a sister(; we all got along really well, and i knew that we would. Jordan and I have a lot in common, it was ment to be pared up with them for this trip. haha i dont know it just seems like it. i have grown really close to my family. i am probably going to cry when i leave them. it will be a sad day :( they are part of my family now, and they are my friends. this is going to be a hard goodbye. i have bonded with them so much, and it is going to be hard. but i have to go sometime, and i know that i will see them for sure in the future. i am going to make myself see them in the future. but i will be happy to see my mother. haha but i will miss all of my friends here and everything, and the people that i have met during this trip. that is why i have to take tons of pictures of everyone and me in every class!

- i have enjoyed every second of this trip and i will never forget this trip i know that. i want to come back an visit everyone maybe Junior year to see if they remeber me(: hopefully i will have a facebook by then so i can talk to them. i love it here, haha and i DONT WANNA LEAVE all of these awesome people! talk to yall later.

-Love Katie<3

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