Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Night :(

hey yall it is the last night that we will be there in Houston :( i am soo sad....i dont want to leave, i just want to make that clear. Today after school Jordan and I went to Sky High Sports. it is a whole building filled with trampolines. you can bouce off the walls, jump into a pit, play dodgeball on trampolines. it was amazing a huge!!!! Jordan and I wanted to spend time together just the two of us before i left. we have really grown close to each other and we always keep in touch for sure. she has changed me in so many ways and my whole family has. Anyway, after the trampoline place we went to go eat dinner at this Mexican restraunt and that was really good. i had tacos :) and then Mrs. Kassab, Jordan and i went to go see Breaking Dawn part 1, that was amazing. i loved that movie soooo much! i really had fun bonding with all of them this trip and i hope i can come back and say i to all of my new friends that i made, and of course of host family that i love. honestly i could have never asked for a better trip, school, friends, family, teachers, everything. it was just an amazing experience and i will never forget the people and this trip. sorry i didnt put many pictures on, i was busy everyday as you can see. but yall will see tons at the fair (: i will see yall at the fair. this is my last post i think. i dont know yet. haha but talk to yall later in the week if i dont get back to you.

-Love Katie

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