Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sorry Guys

heey sorry i have been slacking with posting i have just been really busy latley. anyway Sunday, was a relaxing day were we just watched football, enjoyed the day, we stayed home and had a great dinner. (of course) we had fried shrimp with the best frenchfries that you could possibly ever have, they were ammazziinnggg...anyway Sunday was a great day to just sit around and enjoy whatever. haha. Yesterday (Monday) i felt like went by super fast. well this trip went by super fast. we only have 4 more days here, so sad :( but i worked on some more of those essays. Jordan is sick with allergies or something like that so she didn't go to school for half the day..lucky. actually i like school here. it fun and i have a great time talking to friends (when im supposed to) don't worry not in class...most of the time. But anyway i was supposed to bring my camera today to take pictures, but knowing me i forgot. so now i have to remember to bring it tmrw. the drawing class is going to have a goodbye party for us :) i cant wait, well i can because i don't want to leave yet. but, i will tlk to yall later today to tell you how today was. byeee<3
-Love Katie (p.s. i will try to blog more pictures later, i have been slacking on that too, sorry)

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  1. Hello Katie,
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    Kinkaid seems to have something exciting going on all the time. Or your host family has good ideas for you--Renaissance Fair sounded fun.
    Also, great eating experiences--remember you are in TX, so the beef should be outstanding.

    I think it is cool that you met James Patterson, a pretty famous author.

    Keep in mind as you finish your blog and think about evaluating your experience--what stands out as memorable experiences that have caused you to grow up a bit? Have a changed a little bit with this experience? Where you in some situations that were awkward or times you handled problems or made things work?
    Did you have to adapt to something unexpected?
    How was living with another family and following their rules and expectations?
    How is Kinkaid different from MV?

    Kinkaid is always generous to MV's students through Network!

    Cheers and I can't wait to talk with you in person.
    Mrs. Koelsch